Fort Myers Florida Residence Inn

The Residence Inn Fort Myers - Sanibel also offers guests a home away from home for extended stays like this. Each two-bedroom suite is equipped with a variety of amenities and the hotel is just a short drive from major attractions including the International Space Station, the World Natural History Exhibition and other tourist attractions. The Res Residence Inn in Fort Naples , Florida offers guests extended nights in two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The spacious living area includes a large living room, dining area and fully equipped kitchen with microwave and dishwasher. This means that travellers can prepare healthy and affordable meals from home. Sofa beds provide extra linen and the fully equipped kitchens have refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.

Extended stays at this Fort Myers hotel offer guests the comfort and convenience of home, and your fluffy friend will be with you whether you are staying in a one-, two-bedroom or three-bedroom suite. Relax in your one or two bedroom suites or take advantage of the fine weather on the sports field, which is equipped with basketball and tennis.

To learn more about Residence Inn and book your room, visit the hotel website to find beach deals where you can find the best rates for hotels in Fort Myers and other parts of the state, as well as book a room. Discover nearby dining options such as restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants with a focus on craft beer, wine and spirits, or explore the bustling shopping and dining options of the city, such as restaurants and bars in the city centre.

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There are many fun activities to make your visit even more enjoyable, including a pool, pool house, spa, fitness center, golf course and much more. However, your visitor's stay should not be just work, and you may have rules and guidelines for using the pool. will not attempt to hide the fact that the property is privately owned and not part of a hotel chain. There is no need to ask the reception for things like pool times, but please follow the rules, policies and rules for those who use the pools.

If you plan to rent a car to drive from your hotel to Fort Myers or Page Field, you can rest assured that parking is available on site. If you are looking for a ride to Red Sox Stadium or other local attractions, you should take a taxi or ride-sharing service during your visit to take you to and from the hotel and into the city. On your way through downtown Fort Myers, you should visit Red Boston Stadium, shops and restaurants. For guests who wish to use it during their stay, there is ample parking space available and a number of other parking facilities are available.

We have a number of restaurants where you can sit down to eat and take your food with you, and have the opportunity to tell others about it. Guests staying in the rooms at Residence Inn Marriott Fort Myers Sanibel will be welcomed by the hotel staff to stay with someone who has stayed on the premises before.

He started out as a receptionist in Melbourne, Florida, and quickly worked his way up to general manager. He was vice president of sales and marketing at a hotel management company before recently joining the management team at Residence Inn Marriott Fort Myers Sanibel. Bowes' outstanding service skills were honed in his first year at the hotel, only to move to the front desk manager just over a year later and then to executive vice president of sales and marketing.

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