Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles

The Florida Gulf Coast took advantage of a barrage of three-pointers and a couple of late stops to start a stunning 66-62 upset of Miami at Coral Gables on Saturday. The Eagles (8-5) ended their winning streak with a 66-62 victory over the Hurricanes at the end of the second half on Saturday night.

Junior guard Caleb Catto led four players in double figures as FGCU, an underdog with 19.5 points, sent the Canes to their first loss of the season. With the team shorthanded, the Eagles (3-1) nailed 13 three-pointers and locked in the cold - shooting Hurricanes (8-5), who had reached the Sweet 16 against San Diego State. Brown played well in the second half and led the Eagles with 14 points on 4-of-6 shooting, four rebounds and three assists. F GCU gave hope to live and continue the run, showing how to give someone a chance and watch him do it.

The Participation Fair will be a great opportunity to learn about the many opportunities to get involved with FGCU and maximize your collegial experience.

FGCU Library Students will have fun exploring the FGC U Library with a scavenger hunt and getting to know all the services F GCU has to offer. Students will be introduced to the library and the many services available to them at the College of Arts and Sciences and the library.

Before the tournament, many don't know which conference the Eagles are playing in or where the school is located. If a team that has no right to be there is so good that it wins against the Gators, that's what the whole tournament is about. But if this win is as good as against FGCU, that's what this whole tournament is about!

Florida Gulf Coast University dropped out of the NCAA tournament after a 62-50 loss, but Dunk City players, fans and faculty shouldn't consider losing because of that loss. This will be the run of the team that we will talk about and remember forever, not just for the win against the Gators but for this team.

The elite basketball camp will also be held at the State of the Art Alico Arena, which is located on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University and will be the first of its kind in the nation. The training program offers players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the university's recruiting staff.

It all started almost 25 years ago when the president of the student union threw it in the pond, but in 1984 it began as a way for students to loosen up before the finals. The event has become an annual tradition, and was even once named "Best Campus Tradition" by the National Association of Campus Activities. Now we welcome the first basketball camp of the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles.

The women's team has a conference record of 17-3-13, but is not eligible to participate in the conference tournament because the team is a member of the South Atlantic Conference (SAC) and not the Atlantic Coast Conference. The women, by contrast, have won three straight conference championships, earning them a spot in this year's NCAA tournament and a bid for next year's NCAA tournament.

FGCU defeated Michigan in the first round of the NCAA tournament before falling to Davidson and UNC, respectively. The Eagles also lost to St. Bonaventure University 2-1 in a first-round game - and that in last year's NCAA tournament.

One of those two losses came against a FGCU team that advanced to the quarterfinals, but no one expected the Eagles to put up such a run. People keep mentioning how early in the season the team beat the Miami Hurricanes. It was our first time playing in an NCAA tournament, so we wouldn't miss this incredible opportunity.

The Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles may have been eliminated from the 2013 NCAA tournament, but that doesn't make them disappear from our highlights reels, they're full of amazing play, memories and hearts. FGCU is known for winning more games than the Philadelphia Eagles and winning the hearts of Philadelphia sports fans. But the UTRGV inherited its sporting programme and the team started with passionate, intense and proud play. We were founded in 1991 as a small school, only in the department, but we members of a history that traces its history back to a junior college that opened in 1927.

The team won the NCAA tournament in its first year of eligibility in 2011 and returned in 2012, making it to the Final Four in 2013 and 2014. They went back to where they lost 1-0 to Coastal Carolina in 2014, and then again to North Carolina in 2015.

The team won the Atlantic Sun Championship in 2014, beating top-seeded Mercer in the final of the conference tournament. The men's team played in their first NCAA tournament post-season in 2015, losing to Belmont in a first-round game - up, 1-0, at the NCAA tournament in Nashville, Tenn.

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