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The Fort Myers Art and Music Walks are a huge success, combining a night of fun with some of the best art and music from around the world, as well as some great food and drinks. Unlock a world of artistic possibilities and stay up late into the night for a great evening of art, music, food and fun at these events.

Members are entitled to discounted prices for special events and the opportunity to present their work and participate in educational courses. In addition, the Art League sponsors an open painting class that is free and open to non-members. This year is a great year for craft techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, ceramics, photography and more.

Membership in the Art League automatically grants access to the Art Council of Southwest Florida, which is made up of artists from Fort Myers, Palm Beach County and other parts of the state.

The Alliance offers art courses and youth education programs to give budding artists the opportunity to develop and present their artistic skills to their peers. In addition to supporting, encouraging, and educating children and adults in the arts, the Art League of Fort Myers offers a cultural center that it says provides arts education, arts education, and arts and culture education for adults and children. Through the promotion, learning and opportunities for the arts for adults and children, our mission is to contribute to the growth and development of the city and its surroundings by promoting the appreciation, enjoyment and dissemination of the visual arts.

The Art League has an extensive list of exhibitions and shows that it will take place in 2013. Teachers will be equipped with a variety of art materials such as paints, pencils, paper, brushes and other materials.

The Art League of Fort Myers is located on the corner of North Main Street and North Pine Street in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is accessible by bus, car, bicycle or bicycle from downtown. It is a central place to see some of the best attractions of the city in a small area and isbe the street lined with shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and a variety of other shops and attractions.

The region has a live award - an award-winning symphony and an annual festival that has been celebrated since 1938. The event takes place in January and February and the highlight of the festival is the Grande Parade, which attracts over 100,000 visitors from all over the community. This festival features live music, food, entertainment, art, crafts, children's activities and more.

There is a weekly green market that provides an outlet for local producers and sellers, and many restaurants offer their own live entertainment for those who want to dine indoors. The Alliance for the Arts offers a wide variety of arts and crafts, food and entertainment for all ages. And then there's the 150-seat Foulds Theater, which is presenting its first ever concert series this year. All food is locally grown, and there are many local restaurants with an emphasis on locally grown food, as well as local craft beer and wine.

The site opens its doors to the public the following Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the annual Fort Myers Arts Festival.

More broadly, Alliance for Arts is an officially designated arts organization that oversees art exhibitions at Southwest Florida International Airport and contributed to the public art paintings that now grace the downtown River District. The league is also expanding the art on its walls with monthly exhibitions, which are being opened in coordination with the Art Walk.

Membership is open to artists and art lovers, with annual fees starting at $50 per year and membership fees of $1,000 per year. The official Lee County arts organization was born out of a desire to promote and promote the arts and cultural life of Fort Myers and the rest of South Florida.

The Art Walk starts at 7 p.m. at the Fort Myers Convention Center and officially ends at 10 p.m. The party continues all night at the Patio de Leon Courtyard, with bars scattered all over the place. Go to the Patios deLeon Courthouse at least two hours before the end of the Art Walk and make sure you are there for the last few hours, as well as the Post Art Walk party.

Storefronts that extend the length of the Monroe flood the space with warm organic light, giving the studio and gallery a bright, clean look. Members "works hang in the gallery like salons, and members" works hang in the gallery like salons on the walls, as well as on a wall in the lobby and in an open-air gallery on Monroe Street.

Everyone needs art in their home and especially if you have a holiday home, you want to decorate it with artwork by local artists. Stay at the famous beachfront apartment in Fort Myers for a dip in the artistic sights, or stay at one of the many prestigious beachfront hotels and resorts, such as the Royal Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

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